Courses on biosafety

ICGEB Biosafety Workshops

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"Risk Assessment: role of Science in GMO-making". Trieste 30 Giugno - 4 luglio 2014



Presentation and documents:

Day 1 
Welcome and introduction. Decio Ripandelli, ICGEB (ITA)

Environmental Risk Assessment. Alan Gray, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)

Applying Risk Assessment Methodology. Wendy Craig, ICGEB (ITA)

Food and Feed Risk Assessment. Mike Wach, CERA (USA)

Socio-economic Considerations. Monica Racovita, ICGEB (ITA)

Biosafety risk assessment for GMOs: the problem formulation approach. Mark Tepfer, INRA (FRA)

Day 2

Application of the problem formulation approch, model case study. Mark Tepfer, INRA (FRA)

SuperCam catalog of harms.

Challenging Pathways to Harm. Wendy Craig, ICGEB (ITA)


Day 3

Hypothetical drought-tolerant biofortified white maize4 for release in Kenya Line HspArmar1. Monica Racovita, ICGEB (ITA)

Social Economic Risk Assessment. All resource Team

Case study: Hipothetical drought-tolerant biofortfied white maize for release in Kenya line HspAmar1


Day 4

Social economic risk assessment. Team

Food and Feed safety. Case study

Risk Communication. CERA (USA)

Risks 1.

Risks 2.

Risks 3.


Day 5

 Data Deficiency Letter. Committee of Biosafety and Risk Assessment

 Risk Management Post release Environmental Monitoring (PREM). Alan Gray (CEH)

Risk Communication. CERA (USA)

Socio-economic Letter. Committee of Biosafety and Risk Assessment


Case Study

ipothetical drought-tolerant biofortfied white maize for release in Kenya line HspAmar1

Maize Biology Document


UNIDO E-Biosafety 


On line courses relating to the risk assessment, the management and comunication of risk.


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E-learning master "Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology" , VI edition. Ancona, 23-27 june 2013


Presentation and documents:

Principles for the establishment of the Safety and Nutritional Status of Conventional and Novel Food. Harry A. Kuiper - Former Chair EFSA GMO Panel

GM food & feed safety from a policy perspective, new developments. G.A. Kleter, E.J Kok, H.A.Kuiper

NTO Risk assessment of BT maize Jeremy Sweet, Cambridge UK (Environment Working Group, EFSA GMO Panel)

Herbicide tollerant Rice: LL & IMI. Jeremy sweet, Cambridge UK

FURARN. Ine Perty

RNAi and the rootstock-Variety system. Silvia Sabbadini, Ph.D. Department of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Marche Polytechnic University